display case

Acrylic Display Case Fabrication

When you work with Clearcor Displays, you'll get personalized service from a partner that understands display cases. We understand how to integrate shelves, bases, doors, locks and hinges.

Our experienced team can help you explore all of your options to design a display case that will fit your needs, budget and space.

  • Doors - Hinged or Sliding
  • Hardware - Latches, Cam Locks, Hinges
  • Bases - Rotating or Fixed
  • Shelves - Fixed, Removable, Adjustable


Our design team can also help specify the ideal material for your display's environment, application, decorating needs and budget.

Expanded PVC

A durable, dent and scratch-resistant material that can be molded, shaped, formed or cut while achieving high quality printing results.


The workhorse material in the retail display industry, acrylic is shatterproof, impact resistant and comes in variety of transparent and fluorescent colors as well as mirrored and digital print versions.

(Smash suction cup)

Often used for displays that can be made in thinner materials, PETG is a lighter weight material that is relatively easy to bend. It is often an ideal and cost-effective material for one-piece displays.

Add Your Branding

Let our team maximize the potential of your display by adding your logos and branding. Capabilities include:

  • Direct Print
  • Printed Vinyl
  • Laser Etching

Decorating Capabilities